World Cow Conference and Agri Expo 2019

This year we have organized “World Cow Conference and Agri Expo 2019” on 29th November to 1st December’19 at Balewadi, Pune; which is about 3 hours’ drive from Mumbai.

The theme chosen for this conference is “Building the brand to promote our Indian Cow Uniqueness”

The World Cow Conference is being held with following key objectives –

  • To promote industries, trade and commerce based on Indian Cow
  • To create domestic and international market for cow based organic products
  • To spread awareness on Indian Cow and its positive impact on environment
  • To re-establish the rural development and rural transformation. It will pave ways to establishment of new industries, create thrust on employment and boost rural economy.
  • To spread awareness on Indian cow breeds and development of latest technology in relation to Indian Cows
  • To bring together all national and international entities and individuals who have contributed/are contributing towards Indian Cows by various means like researches, awareness campaigns, missions etc.
Event Details

Event Name: “World Cow Conference and Agri Expo 2019”

Address : Survey Number 37 and 42 , Sai chowk, Balewadi Road,
Genba Sopanrao Moze College Road ,Balewadi,
Pune – 411045 , Maharashtra, India.

Venue: Survey Number 37 and 42

Dates: November 29 to December 1, 2019

Theme: “Indian Cow Uniqueness: Branding and Promotion”


The said conference is being held to propagate some key messages about Indian Cow based agriculture in organic farming, organic products and residue free vegetables/other food products, panchagavya based medicines; which is mostly useful in cancer, kidney troubles and many chronic diseases. The conference will witness some of the greatest minds in industry like engineers, doctors and scientists and philosophers delivering lectures and demonstrations. Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar (Chancellor, Nalanda University) who is an internationally acknowledged scientist and IT leader of India, will be the President of this world cow conference.


Topics of Conference:

1. Indian Cow – Importance and benefits
2. Health With Panchagavya and A2 Milk
3. Organic farming
4. Environmental energy resources through Indian Cow
5. Government Schemes and finances
6. Spiritual and philosophical importance of Indian Cow
7. Importance of Indian Cow as per Indian Law
8. Research Laboratories on Indian Cows
9. Financial, Educational and Cultural Importance of Indian Cow

Stalwarts closely involved in organising committee of the conference are –

  • Shri Vivek Ratnaparkhi, President, Kamdhenu Seva Pratishthan
  • Shri Vijay Thube, Vice President, Kamdhenu Seva Pratishthan
  • Dr. Jagveer Rawat, President (honorary), The Federation of Indian Chambers of Agriculture, Trade and Services
  • Shrimati Leena Mehendale, Retired, Additional Chief Secretary (IAS), Maharashtra & CIC, Goa
  • Dr. Umakant Dangat, Retired, Commissioner of Agricultural (IAS), Maharashtra
  • Dr. D. D. Parkale, Add. Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Maharashtra
  • Dr. Dilip Patil, Director, Dept. of Lifelong Learning and Extension (DLLE), University of Mumbai.
  • Shri Arvind Paranjpye, Director, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai
  • Dr. Nitin Markandey, Professor, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Parbhani
  • Major Raviraj Kulkarni, General Manager, Maharashtra Ex-Serviceman Corporation
  • Shri Nana Kadam, Police Inspector, Solapur District
  • Ms. Hema Sharma, Editor, Sahastradhara Ayush Magazine
  • Shri Sameer Deodhar, Secretary, Kamdhenu Seva Pratishthan
  • Mr. Ameya Joshi, CMD, Opash Socio-Commercials Pvt. Ltd.